Local organic compost

Rick Rexrode, of Windy Hill Plant Farm, mixes and produces the best compost around. It’s a skill he has worked many years to perfect. The compost is made from horse stable waste and wood chips which have been aged so that the nitrogen is stable. Various blends are available. We recommend the fine grade which has been put through a screener. Delivery is available with a minimum of 4 yards. Another option is to bring your truck and have it loaded at the compost yard outside of Aldie, VA. Call 703-577-1567 for an appointment.

Benefits of Using Compost
as reported in The Virginia Gardener

  • Compost improves the structure of soil. With the addition of compost, sandy soils hold water better, and clay soils drain faster.
  • Compost reduces soil erosion and water run-off. Plant roots penetrate compost-rich soil easier and hold the soil in place. Water can run down into lower soil layers, rather than puddle on top of the ground and run-off.
  • Compost provides food for earthworms, soil insects, and beneficial microorganisms.
  • Compost assists the soil in holding nutrients, thus lessening the need for chemical fertilizers and preventing the leaching of nitrogen into water.
  • Compost promotes healthy plants which are less susceptible to disease and insect pests, reducing the need for pesticides.